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Who We Are

Jahi Gilkey

Founder & CEO

Jahi Gilkey is the Founder and creator of LantaLife. He is a director, teacher, activist, and artist. He calls himself a visual alchemist. Jahi graduated from Grambling State University with a degree in Communications/Multimedia. 


Jahi’s journey with creative alchemy began his senior year at Grambling when he decided to get a credit card and max it out on camera equipment. His motto is “when spirit speaks to you, listen and then obey that sh**’ll never regret it.” Jahi has always been the type to shoot for his desires and goals regardless of how difficult or scary the journey may seem. He fell in love with the art of storytelling behind the lens and says that his camera is his 3rd eye, literally and spiritually. It is his gateway into another realm and perspective of the world and it has also been his gateway into seeing all that he was beyond the camera.


 Right after college, Jahi moved back home to Atlanta, Georgia with no intentions of working for anyone but himself. He did just that. He began shooting and creating content for businesses, music artists, and youtube personalities. While matriculating through the metro Atlanta shooting projects, Jahi began to feel and see something artistically interesting about his hometown– something he always felt, but now had the tools to convey it to the rest of the world. Once again, he listened to spirit and created LantaLife– a unique lifestyle brand that represents the classic aura of Atlanta, through the use of fashion and media.  


Jahi is passionate about people and he loves to inspire and help people strive to be the best versions of themself. His dream is to help raise the vibration of the planet positively through all of his art and love. 

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Darlene Desmangles

Darlene Desmangles is Co-owner of LantaLife. She is a "Jane of all trades" and a master of all. She is an overall creative! 

Darlene's love for taking photos started her last year of college. Her mom bought her a camera and she never put it down. Although photography was not her major in college, it became a career path that helped shape her attention to detail, her patience and her focus. 

Darlene loves to help business owners, musicians, influencers etc create art . She hopes to one day impact the world through her lens. 

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